I don’t know how you think about it, but Halloween is one of my favorite Disneyland-themes. Big areas of the park – especially Thunder Mesa in Frontierland – are transformed into a big pumkin patch, and playfull ghouls are to be found all over the park.


In 2015, I visited during Halloween-season with my best friend halfway on the 21th of October. We had so much luck with the weather, we didn’t have to wear jackets all day. It was also perfect weather for taking pictures, which resulted in these beautiful frames.

On the downside, the beautiful weather drew a lot of people to the park, which led to huge queues at the Disney-character meeting stands. Because of our limited time at the park, we chose to get in line for rides, not for meeting characters.

Luckily, we caught a glimpse of Jack and Sally while we were walking up to Phantom Manor in Frontierland. Look how happy they look!

And oh, before I forget. We ran into one drunken pirate – yes, this is me –  as well in Pirates of The Caribbean. ‘Arrrrrr matey, why is all the rhum gone?’ !?


The Halloween season at Disneyland Paris runs throughout October. Tickets are available for the Halloween Party on 31st October. For more information, visit the Disneyland Paris Halloween Webpage