When being on a citytrip in a metropolis, it’s very easy for you to get lost in the wide range of restaurants and bars the city has to offer you. A lot of them are mainly tourist rip-offs or just too expensive to combine them with your tight city-trip budget. For that reason, I tend to read a lot of reviews, or go ahead and ask locals where to find that hidden gems in the vastness of big cities.

When my brother and I were in Rome (april, 2016) for four days, we stayed nearby the Vatican. You can imagine the large quantity of shabby pizzerias, cheap all-you-can-eat food stalls and overpriced restaurants/tourist-traps in this area. Luckily, our hostel-concierce lived in this area, so he knew his way around. He recommended ‘Bianco’s Vespette e Forcette’, a tiny restaurant, only a five-minute walk from our hostel. Curious?


First of all, the atmosphere of this place is phenominal. Not your average – although it has those cute red & white checkered table cloths as well – Italian restaurant, but a spacious, cosy restaurant, filled with Vespa-attributes without getting shoddy. What resembles this city more than this iconic moped?

The typical Roman cuisine is served here. The food is ultra-fresh, prepared with care and oh-so delicious. You can order a menu, but also a-la-carte. Both of them have a very reasonable price, especially when you look at it from a value-for-money perspective.

Another great asset of this restaurant, is its hostess Vesna. She attemps to give as much of personal attention to all guests as possible, and is one of the most kind Romans I’ve met during this trip. We went back three times (also for lunch) and always got a very warm welcome!


Give it a try when you visit the area, and try the antipasti-plate of cheese & charcuterie. You’ll thank me later!

Vespette e Forchette information:

  • Adress: Via Vespasiano, 25 27, Roma
  • Price range: 25€ – 30€ for three courses. Beverages not included.
  • Reservations: by telephone (+39 06 39754260) or via ‘The Fork’
  • Extra info: Creditcards accepted. They serve lunch and dinner and offer a free wifi-service.