Before you get all confused about the title post: no, I’m not crazy and yes, I am fully aware of the fact that the State of Colorado lies in the US, and not in France. But what if I told you there is a place, right in the middle of the beautiful lavender fields & the smooth landscape of the Provence, that almost makes you think you’re in The Grand Canyon?

Ok, it’s not exactly like the Grand Canyon, but it gets pretty close at some point. Located just a bit south of the little village Rustrel, it is a well known place for tourists who like to see something else than the ‘average’ Provencal landscape.


In this old ocher-mine, you can enjoy the rough and bright colored landscape by choosing one of the three marked hiking trails. The black one (7km – takes you around the whole area around the old mines), the blue one (1,5 km – takes you in and above the ‘Colorado’) and the red one (0,8km – takes you to the ‘Sahara’ ).


We combined the blue & red hiking trail, by going up ‘the mountain’ first. The deep reddish color of the jagged formations contrasting beautifully against the blue sky in the background the hills of the Luberon is absolutely magnificent. From there on, the path goes downwards, to the Sahara.


The yellow-white sands of the ‘Sahara’, in the middle of the old mine, will definitely give you a ‘desert’-feeling. In summer, temperatures go way up, so make sure you bring a bottle of water with you if you go..

More about ‘Colorado Provencal’:

  • Adress: Quartier Notre Dame des Anges, 84400 Rustrel
  • Price: Free entrance, but you have to pay to park your car (around 2€)
  • Extra info: Can be closed off when the weather is too hot (fire-warning) or when it’s too rainy (slippery rocks). Check out the local weather forecast before driving up to Rustrel