As much I would love to stay in a genuine ‘Disneyland Resort Paris’ hotel every time I visit, sometimes my budget doesn’t allow this. The Disney Hotels give you a more magical feeling – and sometimes, even charachters visit the hotels – to your stay, but they tend to be very pricey, especially in high-season.

I tried three non-Disney Hotels (Kyriad, Radisson Blu & B&B) in the area around the park, but always got drawn back to one of them: B&B Hotel Disneyland.

First of all, this hotel is relatively new, compared to the other hotels in the area. The rooms are very spacious for their price, you get a comfortable sized bathroom and a very good bed to sleep in! Something I’ve missed in the other two hotels.

Second, the rooms are very well isolated. When we were staying in Kyriad, you could hear our neighbours talking and when someone passed in the hallway, you could hear every word of their conversation. Very annoying, even when you’re tired as hell, but a bad sleeper, like I am.

Third, this hotel offers the best breakfast value-for-money. It’s a buffet-style breakfast, but the bread & pastry are freshly baked and you can chose between a whole lot of dairy products. No cheese or meat in this hotel, but understandable for hygienic reasons (everybody was touching it with their hands in Kyriad, YUCK!).


There is a free parking service with shuttle bus included next to the hotel, which might come in handy when you’re planning a multi-day trip to the park. Just make sure you don’t leave valuable stuff in your car. This will save you 15 euros a day, because you don’t need to park at the Disneyland Paris Parking.

I always book via, with a price range per room between 40 – 80 euros per night, depending on the season

More info about B&B Hotel Disneyland:

  • Adress: 60 Avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs
  • Price per night: check for more details