I’ll be honest with you. The title of this post was made up just for the sake of being a nice title. The truth is, we spent more then one day here. In fact, we were drawn to this place like honey attracts bees. Was it the sleepy town itself, or the beautiful scenery around it? Or, was it the magnificent beach that took our breath away? I’ll let you be the judge.


This beautiful town was one of the most quiet places we’ve been too in the Algarve. We visited in the last week of june, so it wasn’t all that touristic at that time. Its character changes a bit in summer when it attracts a lot of surfers, campervanners and families. Luckily, without losing it’s laidback atmosphere.

Highlight of the town is its – still active – mill. Built in 1898 and restored 100 years after by Odeceixe municipality, it provides a magnificent view over the village and the surrounding meadow.



Everything centres on the single main street and a small square where you’ll find some cafés, restaurants and a couple of small shops.

Praia de Odeceixe Mar


Praia de Odeceixe is one of the most sheltered beaches along this stretch of coast, and so offering safe swimming – if you dare to challenge the cold waters of the Atlantic – zone, a wind-free relaxing sandy beach and a very good surfing and bodyboarding spot. There is even a surfing school there, which will teach you the basics of surfing.

There’s lots of free parking above the bay, so you don’t have to be afraid to miss this one out.


If you’re hungy, maybe you should try:

  • Quintal Dos Sabores: Rua Do Rio 16, Odeceixe
  • Restaurante Chaparro: Rua da Estrada Nacional, Odeceixe
  • Bar da Praia: Rua do Posto (Above the surf school) Praia de Odeceixe Mar