Although the movies were filmed in New-Zealand, it has never been a secret that Tolkien used Iceland as his main inspiration to write his books ‘The Lord of The Rings’. I wonder if J.R.R. Tolkien got his inspiration for Mordor from Leirhnjúkur-plains? I’ll let you be the judge of that, but the fact is: this is one strange place, even for Icelanders!


Leirhnjúkur is a very colorful mountain, surrounded by a big field with sulphur-vapor sources. The colors are even more bright because of the adjacent lava field with jet-black lava, from recent eruptions. The last eruption dates from 1984.

Although it’s been 25 years since the Krafla-volcano erupted for the last time, lava is still smoldering all around Leirhnjúkur. A walking path guides you through the impressive landscape. And impressive is the only way I could describe this scenery ..

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, because I couldn’t find any words that match what kind of natural beauty we’ve seen here ..

How to find Leirhnjúkur:

  • Adress: Follow the road to the Kröflustöð (Krefla) power plant. Follow the road signs when you leave Reykjahlíð (direction Egilsstaðir)
  • Price: Free