Day 3: The Big Nothing, Waterfalls & The Viti-Crater

While still being in an afterglow of yesterday’s spectacle, we set our course for out next destination: Lake Myvatn! We had a long road ahead, with a lot of interesting stops along the way, so we tried to get on the road as quickly as possible.

A quick stop in the big nothing

Where Egilsstaðir was a big green oasis, with a lot of pine trees and a huge lake, the road that lead us more eastern on the island, proved to be anything but. Just a big, wide, plain nothing. Just rocks, and nothing but rocks and plains for more than 150 kilometres. So. Wierd.


This area was destroyed by the eruption of volcanoes over and over again, so no vegetation managed to survive. In winter, this is an ideal place to spot reindeers, but now, it was merely a cool location to shoot some pictures.

Detifoss & Selfoss

While typing this report, it makes me laugh when I think back about how impressed I was with seeing Skógafoss on our first day. Thinking back on it, there was nothing that could prepare me for the size and debit of Detifoss. What a monstrous waterfall this is. It’s the most powerfull in the whole of Europe, and has a 144m free-fall drop.

And oh, that noise. It’s like a freight-train passing by at 120 km/h. Awesome!

Because of the huge amount of tourists around the banks of Detifoss, we decided to walk a bit more upstream, where another waterfall was located. Selfoss is Detifoss’ little brother, but it is still pretty cool to see from up close. It’s only a 1,5km walk away, so even when you are limited in time, take the detour!

After this small hike, we hopped back into our rental car and went back on the road again. Next and final stop for the day: Lake Myvatn!

And again .. a small roadtrip through no-mans-land.

The Viti-Crater

We arrived in Lake Myvatn a bit earlier than expected, so we had a little bit more time to explore the area around the lake. After driving around a bit, we found ourselves next to a huge mountain, that turned out to be an explosion crater. A CRATER!?

Víti-crater is a huge explosion crater, that is about 300 metres in diameter. The crater was formed during a massive volcanic eruption at the start of the famous Mývatn Fires in 1724, and has been inactive ever since. Well, if you can call this inactive ..


Seeing the sun set over the rocky landscape still takes my breath away.. Even if it’s just on a photo ..

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