Even though I’m a huge Disney fan – you don’t say – there is one thing I’m more obsessed about, and that’s Titanic. I don’t know how my interest in this ill-fated luxury liner began, or how it got to a point where I seemed to know every little detail of the ship, it’s crew and it’s passengers. Naturaly, a trip to the museum in Belfast was on top of my bucket list ever since its opening in 2012.

When friends of me moved to Dublin, Ireland, I asked them if they would accompany me to the museum if I ever got the chance to visit them. Dublin is only an one hour drive from Belfast, so it was one of the best chances I had of ever seeing the museum up close. When I visited them in november 2015, they took me to Belfast as a surprise! Aaaaah!


The building is located on Queen’s Island, an area of land at the entrance of Belfast Lough. It was used for many years by the shipbuilders Harland and Wolff, who built huge slipways and graving docks to accommodate the simultaneous construction of the Titanic and it’s sistership Olympic. It’s very wierd to stand here, I can assure you!


Titanic Belfast’s exhibition consists of nine interpretative & interactive galleries, covering the following themes:

  • Boomtown Belfast: the city at the start of the 20th century
  • The Shipyard: a ride aboard a mini-car up and around a replica of Titanic’s rudder
  • The Launch: how Titanic was launched on 31 May 1911
  • The Fit-Out: the fitting-out of Titanic from her launch through to April 1912
  • It’s Maiden Voyage: the journey from Belfast to Southampton, and from there to Cherbourg, Queenstown (Cobh) and westwards
  • The Sinking: the disaster of 15 April 1912
  • The Aftermath: the legacy of the disaster
  • Myths & Legends: the facts behind some of the stories about the Titanic
  • Titanic Beneath: about the wreck of the Titanic and its rediscovery

A complete tour of the museum takes you about an hour and a half, depending on how much you read throughout the exhibitions. It took me two hours, but I read EVERYTHING. I know, quite the nerd over here.

It also features a lot of interactive exhibitions, like a ride into the coal bunkers of Titanic, a 3D-room that takes you through the Titanic deck by deck and a video-room which covers footage of the wreck. Pretty awesome, even for people who are not familiar with Titanic’s history.

Small fun-fact for all you Titanic-freaks out there: The museum-building stands 38m (126 feet) high, the same height as Titanic’s hull! Talking about putting things in perspective ..

More about the ‘Belfast Titanic Museum’:

  • Adress: 1 Olympic Way, Queen’s Road, Belfast,
  • Price & reservation: Around 17,5£ for a tour with audioguide. Discounts possible. Book here.
  • Opening Hours: Titanic Belfast is open daily all year round, excluding 24th – 26th December, but the opening hours differ per season. More info here