Who said that women don’t like football? I played some ball when I was a young girl, and when I was a teenager, I had an annual season pass for Club Brugge, the local team around here. It was without question that I’d leave Barcelona without seeing the ‘Blaugrana’ play!

While booking our trip, we made sure that we picked the right time to go, so that we could combine out citytrip with some good ‘ol football on saturday night! We got lucky, and booked our tickets for FC Barcelona – RS Gijon!

Football tickets for Barcelona are easily sold out and don’t come cheap, so we made the right choice to book out tickets in advance. When we visited the stadium for the first time – to get to know the way without being crushed by thousands of other fans – there were already huge waiting lines at the ticket office .. phie-uw!


And seriously, guys. When you think you’ve seen big stadiums.. Well.. There is big. Then you have huge. Then you have enormous. And then there is Camp Nou. HOLY HOW THIS IS BIIIIIIIIIIG!


Camp Nou has a capacity of over 99,000 people, and even though it wasn’t an ‘important’ game that had to be played, there were over 85,000 people attending the match. Oh my God! I’ll never forget the moment they started to sing the ‘Cant del Barça’. Goosebumps all over again.

And the match itself? Well, not their best match of the season – they had to play without Messi – but they did win the match with 1 – 0 !

Want to see a match from FC Barcelona as well?

  • Ticket Availability: Check their website
  • Price per ticket: Depends on availability, zone and match. Check their site. We paid 50€ per person for a good seat behind the goalie!