Day 7: A day on the Vatnsnes Peninsula

On day 7 of our ring road trip, we had a very long drive ahead of us. We were heading to the less-touristic part of the Island, so we prepared ourselves for the lonely road ahead. Luckily, we had our good friend Spotify along the way, and some magnificent views along the way!

Our heading? The Vatnsnes Peninsula! It is home to one of the largest seal colonies in Iceland, so we hoped so see some on our tour around the peninsula!


Hvítserkur is a 15 m high basalt stack along the eastern shore of the peninsula. The rock has two holes at the base, which give it the appearance of a drinking dragon. The rock isn’t all natural anymore if I may add, because the base of the stack has been reinforced with concrete to protect its foundations from the sea.


We took a small stroll on the shore, and even spotted some beautiful sea stars in the sand. Never saw one from up close!

Seal Spotting

As I mentioned before, the Vatnsnes Peninsula is home to more than a few seal colonies. Even though we were visiting outside of breeding season, we got the chance to see them up close a few times. We spotted the first – relatively small – colony at the Hvítserkur, where they were so curious, they came up to say hello a few times!


The second colony we spotted was much bigger than the first, but was much further away. We located them not far from the Bessastaðir guesthouse, and got so see some pretty cool scenes!

Running flat ..

And I mean literally! Somewhere along the way, we must have driven over a sharp rock or something like that, because or car suddenly gave a flat tire alarm when we were half-way on the peninsula. We decided to go back to Hvammstangi after our seal spotting to get our tire fixed, but didn’t get lucky. No garage to be found.

After some google’ing, we head for Blönduós, our final destination for the day a bit early. We didn’t want to use our spare tire just yet – because the most desolate part of the journey was yet to come – so we wanted to get it fixed, if that was still possible.


Luckily, a very friendly local was willing to help us. He called one of his buddy’s – so happens, he worked at a garage – to help us out. We we’re back on the road in a jiffy, but decided to call it a day after this stressful adventure! Long driving day – more than 4h – ahead tomorrow, so time for a good night’s sleep!

More info about our room-for-the-night:

  • Address: Guesthouse Tilraun, Aðalgata 10, 540 Blönduós, IJsland
  • Price per night: 85 euro (tip: pay with card in ISK) and booked via
  • Accommodations: Free wifi, shared refrigerator and fully equipped kitchen, big & cosy living space with television, one shared bathroom and toilet. Two single beds.