‘Get up, get up! Spring is in the aaaaaair’ is still the first thing that comes to mind when I think of my visit to Disneyland in the beginning of march 2015. It was a girls-only trip, in which three of my closest friends and I visited Disneyland Paris for three whole days.

For privacy reasons, I’m only going to show you pictures of me alone and from the park decoration itself, but don’t worry, I’ve got enough of pretty neat stuff to show you!

Photo Credit: Nadieh Schellekens

Best thing about Spring? All the pretty flowers in the park! Spring is definitely in the air when you see all those beautiful and vivid colors. The plaza gardens are filled with Disney-topiaries (as you can see on the picture above and below) and the ‘Spring Fever’-parade just make you want to dance!

Don’t you just love those Disney Character spring-costumes?

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