The Forum Romanum is one of the most popular attractions in Rome. Being the political, economic and religious centre of the Old Roman Empire, this square was one of the most documented and vivid places of it’s time. Although this square is pretty much a jumble of ruins now, It’s a must-see when you visit the city.

The construction of the Forum began in 700BC – the first dated documentation of the Forum –  and kept on being reconstructed throughout the years. Every Roman Emperor wanted his own version of the square, so a lot of buildings were replaced or reconstructed regularly.

Some of the structures have survived to this day because they were converted to churches throughout the years, such as the ‘Curia Julia’ & the ‘Temple of Antoninus & Faustina’. But, let us be honest, they have lost a lot of their former glory. Other structures were almost completely destroyed by raids during the Fall of the Western Roman Empire, or demolished for recycling purposes.



To me, the Forum Romanum is as close as you’ll get to see and feel the legacy of the Old Roman Empire. The structures still have their genuine antique character and it’s pretty cool to see how everyday life was back then.

Just make sure you are equipped with a good travel- or audioguide, so you get the whole picture. It is also possible to book a tour with a tour guide, so you can experience this ‘time machine’ to the fullest.

More about the Forum Romanum:

  • Adress: Via Vespasiano, 25 27, Roma
  • Price: 16 euro (normal fee) for Palatine Hill, Colosseum & Forum Romanum. Book in advance to avoid long qeues. Book your tickets here.
  • Opening Hours: open from 8:30 am to one hour before sunset. Exact time depends on season
  • Extra info: Creditcards accepted. They serve lunch and dinner and offer a free wifi-service.