Hey you guys.. I finally did it! I bought my first Disneyland Paris ‘Passeport Annuel’ last month! A big YAAY and an euphoric happy dance for this historical moment in the Disney-Laura relationship! Although this doesn’t come as a surprise to many of you, it took me about three years to decide whether I would buy one of these.. but hey, here it is!

I chose the ‘Fantasy’ Passport, which includes 320 days (click here for block-out dates) of Disney-magic, a 10% discount in stores and restaurants, free parking, extra magic hours and many more perks. Just look how happy I look in this picture!


But why did it take so long for me to buy one of these? Well, to be honest: I’m the only Disney-fan in my family. My mother used to take me on an annual birthday-trip to the park, but after 4 years, she kind of had it and told me she would like to take me somewhere else this year.. She doesn’t get the Disney-vibe like I do, so she just went along to ride Space Mountain, the Aerosmith Coaster and other thrill-rides. But she got bored I guess.. And Christophe? He’s not into it either ..

So I always asked myself: “Is buying an annual passport interesting for me? Am I planning to visit regularly, or am I going to let all those 320 ‘magical days’ go to waste?”. Luckily, I have a lot of friends who DO love Disney who’d happily accompany me when I was planning a trip,  and after a lot of consideration, I just went ahead and got myself an Annual Passport!


But why Fantasy?  Well, first of all, I looked at this comparing-table very carefully.

The ‘Classic’ had too much blocked-out-periods, and after looking at the block-out dates of the ‘Fantasy’ carefully, I noticed that I wasn’t planning any trips with friends in these periods, so why would I pay a whopping 80 euros extra for a ‘Dream’-passport, for extra days I wasn’t going to use anyway? These dates include holidays and holiday-periods (like bank holidays, Eastern Holidays, the week before Christmas, ..) which are extra crowed, so I would avoid these days as much as possible when I would visit with non-passholder friends. So the decision ‘which passport’ was quickly made!

I’m very happy with my choice, and can’t wait to plan my next visit! Hope you’ll enjoy all the upcoming posts about the happiest place on earth!