Iceland has many waterfalls, each with their own kind of natural beauty. If we could, we would have stopped at every single one of them to experience their beauty from up close, but that would have been impossible. Nevertheless, we saw a lot of water falling down during our trip! In this post, we’ll discuss our favorites with you!



The Skógafoss was the first big waterfall we encountered during our ‘Ring Road Trip’. On our way to Vík, we saw a lot of ‘small’ streams coming down the hills, but Skógafoss was the first one with a bit of volume. It’s located next to the Ring Road just before you enter Vík, so that’s pretty convenient.

Why we love it? Well, because it’s our first one. I know it may sound tacky, but you’ll never forget the feeling you have while standing next to your first waterfall. The sound, the height, the beauty of it all ..


Why you should love it? You can take some pretty neat pictures here, and you can see the waterfall from the bottom-up or from top-to-bottom. There is a walking trail that leads up the hill, so you can enjoy this beauty from up above! It gives you an awesome view over the ocean as well!


Number two, is Detifoss. It’s the most well-known waterfall of Iceland and the most powerful of the whole of Europe. And I concur, this is one heck of a beast! You can hear it’s thunderous roar from miles away, which only builds op the tension when you walk up to it.


It’s a monster that doesn’t even fit on picture. It’s located in the eastern part of Iceland and is the most touristic one of them all. Pushing your way through a bus of picture-taking Asians spoils the fun a bit, but nevertheless, it’s a must see while driving on the Ring Road.


The most remote waterfall of them all – 1,5h drive away from Patreksfjörður coming from the west, 2,5h drive from Búðardalur, from the east – but the biggest one we’ve seen. The waterfall is more than 100 meters high, and has a width of 40m.

Dynjandi means ‘Thunderous’ in Icelandic, and this big fellow didn’t get his name by accident.


Detifoss’ little brother, but less touristic and more ‘complex’ to look at. Selfoss lies a bit more upsteam river, and is only a 20′ walk away from Detifoss. Do be carefull when heading up there! The road can be quite tricky and wet .. Some people fell quite hard on the rocks while getting a nice view.

What’s your favorite waterfall? Have you ever been to Iceland?