Oh, you just got to love the magic of a city when it’s lit up during the evening! Rome is more than a pretty sight during the day, so can you imagine its beauty during the night? I collected some self-made photos of this ancient city by night – made during my stay in april 2016 – to show you how magical this place looks like.


One of the most awesome things about Rome by night? NO TRAFFIC! This city has one of the worst traffic of Europe, and let’s be honest: Italians are pretty ‘agressive’ when it comes to driving (honking is one of their hobbies, you’d think) so it’s nice to have some peace and quiet during the evening.



Another fun-fact: the Trevi-fountain is much calmer when the sun has set. Don’t know why exactly – because in my opinion the fountian is much more beautiful by night – but it’s pretty convenient if you don’t like the crowds like I do!

But my favorite place during the evening isn’t the Colosseum, not the Trevi-fountain and not Saint Peter’s Square .. It’s Piazza Navona! The – during the day at least – busiest square of Rome is almost deserted at night, and the ‘Giacomo della Porta’-fountains are so beautifully lit, it literally takes my breath away. Every time I visit, I’m starstruck .. Such beauty ..


See what I mean? Ah .. Can’t wait to go back later this month to see this again ..


More about our stay in May 2016:

  • Gueshouse Adress: Guesthouse Zero6, Viale Delle Milizie 15, Vatican City (booked via Booking.com)
  • Price per night: 85 euros per noght (during april)
  • Extra tip: We reserved bikes with Baja-bikes. Riding a bike through the city is highly recommendable – don’t be afraid of the traffic, they won’t run you over – when you like to discover the city.