A very big ‘Happy Birthday’ to the happiest place on Earth – or Europe in this case – this year! Disneyland Paris celebrated its 25th birthday with a BANG and although I couldn’t be there the day itself, I could not resist to check the park out for myself and discover all the festivities and decorations for the ’25 years of Disneyland Paris’-celebration.


No ‘Swing into Spring’ this year, but a new Parade, a new afternoon & evening show and lots of beautiful decorations in and around the park. And, if I may add: a lot more character opportunities! I don’t know if this is a result of the acquisition of Disneyland Paris by the Walt Disney Company – the Company that runs the parks in America –  or if it is a temporary celebration ‘special’, but I like it!

I spotted four new characters – Jafar, Jack Sparrow, Spider Man, White Rabbit -, had a little chit-chat with Mr. Mickey Mouse himself and grooved to some jungle beats with King Louie!


The park is dressed at its best. Fantasyland has never looked better, Big Thunder Mountain is faster than before and heck, the new Star Tours is AWESOME! Just make sure your stomach is up for it, because the 3D-experience is epic! Now we just have to wait ’till (Hyper)Space Mountain is up and running again. Under normal conditions, the ride should open half-juni. Excited!

We also went to see the daily ‘Mickey & the Magician’-show in the Animagique Theatre in Walt Disney Studios. And believe me you guys, this is one of the best Disney-show I’ve ever seen! Optical illusions, stunning scenery and costumes, catchy Disney-songs brought to you by your favorite characters, .. Really awesome!

My next visit to the park is planned mid-June, as we’re going there for one of my best friends’ bachelorette-party. Can’t wait to take my first ride on the new Hyperspace Mountain!