Who ever told you you could only eat fast-food in Disneyland, clearly didn’t pay attention while visiting. Disneyland Paris is packed with self-service restaurants, but there are a lot of table-service restaurants as well, that offer a delicious lunch- or dinner experience!

Ok, having dinner in a table-service restaurant isn’t all that cheap, but it adds up to the experience. I admit, the food in self-service restaurants isn’t very healthy, and it isn’t cheap either, so I understand people feel ‘ripped off’ when ordering a hamburger, salad or pizza. Amusement parks don’t come cheap. We all know that. But the table-service restaurants in Disneyland shouldn’t feel inferior to a normal, mid-budget, restaurant.

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You can find a list of table-service restaurants here – and I had dinner in three of them – but Walt’s is definitely my favorite. You dine amongst a timeless Victorian backdrop of Walt’s finest moments in rooms themed to reflect the six worlds of the Disneyland Park.

Once you’re seated, you can tuck into delicious French-American meals and admire the setting of your chosen room. And if you’re lucky enough, you can see the evening Parade pass by!


The price per menu is fair, with 70 euros being the maximum price for an exclusive three-course menu (although cheaper menus are available). Fair enough, because the quality of the food is excellent. If you eat ‘à la carte’, it’s a bit more expensive. You can check the menu here.


Walt’s gives you a great culinary experience, and gives you some well-earned piece and quiet. Although located in one of the busiest places of the park, you don’t feel crowded at all. In fact, sometimes I forget where I am while dining there.. In a good way!

Why would I want to be anywhere else .. ?

More info about Walt’s:

  • Location: Main Street USA, next to Lilly’s Boutique
  • Menu’s & price: click here for more info
  • Reservations: Reserve your table by calling the Dining Reservation Service at +33160304050 !