As some of you may know, my brother and I go on an annual ‘#BroSis’-trip. Not only to discover a bit of the world, but also to keep that strong bond he and I have since we were little kids! But, my brother doesn’t like planning and this year, my own level of travel-destination-inspiration was quite low. So many destinations, so little time .. Oh, the agony! How to solve this? Insert!


But, what is To sum it up in a very, very short way: They do the planning for you! No preparatory work for yours truely and a destination that is an absolute surprise untill you reach the airport. HOW.COOL.IS.THAT?! The philosophy of this company is that the journey is more fun than the destination, and I can only agree with them!

They offer a lot of packages (road trips, city trips, backpacking-trips, honeymoons, beach-holidays, .. ) but we settled for the  traditional and relatively ‘safe’ Mediterranean City-Trip-option. Pick your dates, exclude some cities if you want to (we already visited Barcelona and Rome) and they’re good to go. All you have to do then, is wait ..

Well, not only wait. Long for information, long for any sign of a hint, because really knows how to make a (wo)man curious. They make your very  own personalized website, with a countdown-clock. And a weather forecast and an estimated hour of departure a week before departure so you know what to pack and when you have to arrive at the airport. And that’s it. That’s all you get. This is not good for people with high blood pressure!


A few days before departue, you’ll receive a scratchcard in the mail that will help you find your destination at the airport. After scratching, four digits will appear which you need to fill in at your personal website. And then, bam: destination revealed! Happiness everywhere! We’re going to Lisbon!

If there is one thing we’ve learned from this experience, is that NOT having a travel guide with you is kind of liberating. You just go along with it, explore what interests you and take the time to experience a city, not only visit it. Oh, and when in doubt: tripadvisor and google are your best friends!

A more detailled post of what we did in Lisbon is coming up soon, so keep posted!