Not knowing where you’re going on holiday is one thing, but scratching of your ‘mystery destination’-card and revealing your destination just a few hours before your departure is another. Planning your stay reduced to zero? Quite the adventure!

Our destination turned out to be Lisbon, and if there was one thing I knew about Lisbon without looking in a travel guide, it was that this city was extremely artistic and colorful! What an understatement..


Wandering the streets of Lisbon is a true visual delight, so if you’re planning to visit the Portuguese capital – or like me, stumble upon it by luck – you might want to take things slowly and let the beauty of those cheerful walls stop you on your stroll as often as possible.

Ranging from minimal to fully coated buildings in Azulejo Português – traditional patterned tiles, usually in blue – or beautiful painted ruins and random walls covered in street art, their diversity is stunning!


Where to find them? Well .. Everywhere! I found most of ‘my walls’ walking around in Alfama, Baixa and Chiado, but you can find them literally everywhere scattered in the city. Just walk around, and let the city amaze you!