My Out of Office

Ever wondered what the story behind an 'out of office' is?


Ever wondered when reading someone’s out of office, what they were doing at the moment you sent them your email? Were they sick, just doing some plain old household chores or .. were they on holiday? Relaxing on the beach, climbing some mountains, discovering new cultures or taking in some breathtaking landscapes? It always seemed to fascinate me.

Why? I don’t know. The fact that I’m rarely out-of-office when I’m not travelling could  be a reason. That’s why I always pictured them travelling, just like I do.. On this blog, I’d like to share all my ‘Out-of-Office’-adventures with all of you.

Traveling is in my blood. Even since I was a child, I’ve been discovering new cities, countries and continents and I’m very happy to have found somebody to share this travel-bug with. This blog will cover a lot of our travel stories. A big, silly scrapbook with all the stories, adventures and excitement of all our traveling adventures, to make sure that I don’t lose them forever.

Hop aboard, and let’s share the adventure!