As cities in the North of France go, Honfleur is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen. A lot of people avoid the area when being on holiday – I concur, Calais and Le Havre aren’t that appealing – but this little fishermen’s village did prove to be worth the detour.


I don’t remember exactly how we ended up there – I guess being hungry and too far away from our terminus Caen was one of the reasons – but I do know it was one of the most memorable visits we did when visiting Normandy. It’s the most charming harbor of France, and has long been a popular day-trip destination for wealthy Parisian families. Heck, even Claude Monet was in love with this town!

But why do people love it so much? Hard to say, but to us, the tranquility of this village – although it’s packed with tourists in summer – is one of the main reasons. The charming harbor is a true eye-catcher and it’s small, picturesque streets give an authentic feel to it all.

Foodies will eat their heart out over here. I know we did Fresh fruits-de-mer, the crème de la crème of the Camembert-cheese and fish that was just reeled in the same morning, accompanied with a glass of Calvados or Cider? Gotta love Normandy!

After strolling around for about an hour and having one heck of a meal, we had to get going again, but not without taking some cider with us! We still have one bottle of cider in our wine cabinet left from that visit in 2011. A great souvenir!