If there is one thing Christophe is good at while planning a trip abroad, it’s checking out the world wide web for the best culinary deals out there! He really enjoys browsing on other travel blogs, tripadvisor and facebook to find that hidden foodie-gems in big cities. No tourist-traps for us, thank you!


It was during one of these sessions Christophe found out about the lunch-menu in the famous Parisian restaurant Auguste, by chef Gaël Orieux. Located almost directly next to Les Invalides, this one-star restaurant offers not only a prestigious diner-formula, but a very delicious one-star-lunch-formula at a very low price. Ideal for foodies like us, that don’t mind having a wonderful food-experience in the afternoon!

The ‘Menu Déjeuneur’ offers an entrée, main course and dessert with one-star quality for only 37 euros, drinks not included. You can choose between two dishes, and when you’re allergic to something (I’m allergic to shellfish for example) you just let them know, and they make you something special if you don’t find anything on the menu that suits you.

Pardon me for the lack of quality in these food pictures, we weren’t really allowed to take pictures, so we made them very sneaky and quick with our phones .. MOEHAHA!

The atmosphere isn’t your typical one-star treatment. The interior of the restaurant is almost impeccable, the staff is very polite, helpful and friendly, but they don’t have that ‘stiffness’ around them which you often have in restaurants that have one star or more.


We always feel uncomfortable when waiters treat us like we’re the Royal Family themselves.. They also speak a mouthful of English, which is very rare in the French capital!

More info about Auguste:

  • Address: 54 rue de Bourgogne, 75007 Parijs
  • Price per menu: 37 euro for the lunch menu. Other menus available, but also possible to eat à la carte
  • On Tripadvisor: 4,5 star rating. More info here