A while ago, I visited Disneyland to get a little taste of the ‘Season of The Force’ with a couple of friends. Because all of us had to work during the week, we planned our visit on Saturday 18th of February. We THOUGHT this would be a very calm day, but boy .. We were so wrong!

This weekend turned out to be one of the busiest weekends of the year, because of the fact all schools were out in France that week and the weather forecast pointed out Saturday as the most beautiful day of February. Oh boy. I’ve never seen Disneyland so crowded! But that didn’t stop us of having a blast that day!

Untitled 1.jpg

We met three characters that day: Chip ‘nd Dale & King Louie, all wit All of them characters I’ve met before, but all of them characters I love to play around with, which resulted in some awesome pictures:


I wish I could show you how crowded the park was, but we did our very best to keep the crows out of our pictures. But to give you an indication: 190 min waiting line at Crush’ Coaster, 180 at Big Thunder Mountain and heck, even Phantom Manor had a waiting line of 50 minutes .. But hey, Disney is SO much more than just rides ..

We had lunch at Chez Rémy, in Walt Disney Studios. While visiting, you almost feel like you’re shrunk down to the size of Rémy, so you can taste the dishes created by the little chef himself! Genuine French cuisine in this Parisian bistro! Cute and delish!


We also saw Princess Anna and Princess Elsa ride by in their carriage. Can you believe the detailing of the costume and the accuracy of the casting is astonishing! Almost exactly how I pictured a ‘real-life’-Anna! Look how cute she is!


Although it was the most crowded day ever, I’m so happy to have been in Disney again! Not only did I meet two fun characters, I also got my very first Annual Passport! So happy!

Going back THIS WEEKEND (the first weekend of april) so stay tuned for some more Disney-magic soon!